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5 Simple Steps to Bank loan syndication

Preparation of necessary document
Verification of Document through Bank
Preparation of balance sheet
Get approval
Receipt Loan

Minimum Requirments

  • Complete Application form
  • Photo
  • Identity proof
  •  Residence Proof
  • PAN

Basic Documents

Document required for Company

  • Proof of Identity of Private Limited Company: GST  registration, / IT return of the concern, Water / Electricity / Registration under Shops and Establishment Act, PAN ID /Municipal tax bill in the name of the concern, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Proof of Individual Identity: Proof to be submitted for the authorized signatories and about two directors (which includes the managing director) (any one of the following): PAN card, Voter’s identity card, Driving license and Passport

Document required for self employed Individual

  • Proof of identity of the sole proprietorship
  • Proof of individual identity
  • Three years of income tax returns
  • Three years of sales tax returns
  • Copy of periodic stock, age-wise book-debt and creditors-statement for latest three months
  • Copy of last 6 months bank statement of main banker/copy of bank statement for the term loan.


All Inclusive Fees

  • Bank loan syndication for quantum of up to Rs. 50 lakhs


All Inclusive Fees

  • Bank loan syndication for quantum of up to Rs. 100 lakhs


All Inclusive Fees

  • Bank loan syndication for quantum of up to Rs. 250 lakhs

Basic Features

Large Amount of Loan

Loan syndication allows borrowers to borrow large amounts to finance capital-intensive projects. A large corporation or government can borrow a huge loan to finance large equipment leasing, mergers, and financing transactions in telecommunications, petrochemical, mining, energy, transportation, etc.

No Separate agreement

There is no need for separate agreement between individual bank and borrower rather only one agreement is required which is between the group of banks which have agreed to join syndication and borrower.

Low risk

The risk of banks are reduced in loan syndication because if the borrower goes into default then single bank does not has to bear the loss rather all banks which are in syndication group have to share the loss in proportion to loan amount sanctioned and hence one can say that in case of loan syndication the risk of bank is not primary but collective.

Honest market image

To become a roaring institution of the syndicate, comes from the participant’s full recognition of the borrower’s monetary and operational performance, by that the receiver will build up their name.

Less time and effort involved

Bank to negotiate and agree on the terms of the loan the borrower is not required to meet all the lenders in the syndicate to negotiate the terms of the loan. Rather, the borrower only needs to meet with the arranging banker.

Positive reputation

The participation of multiple lenders to finance a borrower’s project is a reinforcement of the borrower’s good market image. Normally, lenders would be unwilling to lend to a borrower with poor credit history because it exposes them to higher lending risks.

Wide approaches to syndicated loans

The same loan syndications will embrace several sorts of loans, like fixed-term loans, revolving loans on needs of the purchasers.

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