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5 Simple Steps to Accounting Services

Arranging Document
Preparation of Journal
Preparation of ledger
Preparation pf Trial Balance
Preparation of Balancesheet

Minimum Requirments

  • Sales Bill.
  • Purchase Bill.
  • Debit Note.
  • Credit Note.

Basic Documents

For specified professionals

1. Gross receipt from Profession.

2. Income from such a profession.

3.  Expenses Incurred for such profession.

Document for non specified Business or Profession

1. Turn over of Business or Profession.

2. Income From such  Business or Profession.

3. Expenses Incurred.



All Inclusive Fees

  • Up to 100 invoices


All Inclusive Fees

  • up to 200 invoices


All Inclusive Fees

  • up to 300 invoices

Basic Features

To Know Financial Position

With the right records, a business owner can identify areas for expansion or improvements. Proper records also help the business owner to secure financing for the business. Additionally, proper analysis of records can help in making the strategic decision of changing business focus.

Comparison of result

Systematic Maintenance of business record enables the accountant to compare profits of one year with those of earlier years to know the basic change.

Avoidance of Interest & penalty

Proper accounting records help business owners to avoid interest and penalties as they make it easier for them to pay the right amount of tax and at the right time

Help full for Audit

 If a business is chosen for an audit, the business owner will be asked to produce the necessary backups to the info filed on the income tax return. Once the business operator has produced the right records, then the tax auditor will be able to examine the records provided and make a timely decision on the accuracy of those records

Tax Saving

Well kept accounting records act as a reminder of a person’s deductible credits and expenses. It’s only by keeping correct records of business expenses that owners are able to proof various expenses that were incurred while carrying out business operations.

By doing this, they are not forced to rely on memory. This means they only pay what is due, no more or less, as their records remind them of all the expenses they are entitled to claim against their income.

Back up for Audit

Without good records, tax auditors may be forced to make decisions based on their "best judgment" of what value the income and expenses may be, according to the size, location or type of business.

Full fulfillment of Statutory Compliances

One of the main advantages of keeping good accounting records is to comply with the law. By simply being organized, businesses not only enjoy the above benefits but also stay within the law.

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