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5 Simple Steps to Credit Score Checking

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What is Credit Score?

A credit score is a statistical number that evaluates a consumer's creditworthiness and is based on credit history. Lenders use credit scores to evaluate the probability that an individual will repay his or her debts. A person's credit score ranges from 300 to 850, and the higher the score, the more financially trustworthy a person is considered to be.

Basic Documents

Personal Details

  • PAN 


  • Aadhaar card


  • Bank details



Other Documents

  • Balance Sheet


  • Income Statement


  • KYC Documents




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Basic Features

Checking of Credit Worthiness

It will evaluate an individual's credit history to calculate a score that represents the individual's creditworthiness. Each bank has its own method of assigning the score; however, a high score will indicate a healthy credit score while a low score can decrease the chances of loan application approvals.

Estimation of paying ability

A credit rating estimates the ability to repay debt. A credit rating is a formal assessment of a corporation, autonomous governments, individuals, conglomerates or even a country. Credit rating is evaluated on the basis of financial transactions carried in the past and assets and liabilities at present.

Credit Rating Agency

A Credit Rating Agency plays an important catalytic role fostering the growth, stability, and efficiency of global and domestic capital markets. A comprehensive analysis of a credit instrument and a subsequent impartial assessment of the credit risk of the instrument, offer numerous benefits to all parties in concern.

Better interest rates on loans

The most obvious reason it's important to know your credit score is that your score determines your ability to qualify for loans and to get better interest rates when borrowing. If you know your credit score, a little research can let you know how much you should pay in interest on a loan before you apply.

Credit score affects car insurance premium

It’s common knowledge that a better score can get you a lower interest rate on a mortgage or auto loan. However, many people don't realize just how much their car insurance premiums depend on their credit score.

Availed pre –approve offer

Fintech companies not only allow you to check your credit score for free but have pre-approved offers for various credit products for different ranges of credit scores because of their tie-ups with various lenders. You can also compare the offers available in the market and pick the best one.

Land up with better rates

Every borrower looks for the lowest possible interest rate on his or her loan. The only way this is possible is when you are a good borrower or, in other words, have a good credit score. Certain banks have already started the practice of offering better interest rates to home loan borrowers with a credit score above 760. It’s only a matter of time before this becomes an industry-wide practice.

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